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Skewer Selection Pen Catering
Skewer Selection
From $4
Choose from our wide range of delicious skewers served hot! Our Yakitori Chic...
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Hotcross Buns Pen Catering
Hotcross Buns
Celebrate Easter with our delicious Hot Cross Buns! Available in two flavours...
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Fruit Cups
The Winning Post Collection Pen Catering
The Winning Post Collection
Your favourite classics from around the world. 10x Chicken Satay Skewers, 10x...
Friand & Tart Collection Pen Catering
Friand & Tart Collection
A mix of our Gluten Free Friands & Tasty Sweet Tarts - 24 Pieces
Cookies Pen Catering
From $3.20
(VEG) Homemade cookies with Nutella, Chop Chip, Pistachio or White Chocolate ...
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GF Lunch Platter for One Pen Catering
GF Lunch Platter for One
We have all your food groups covered with this substantial lunch for one. Our...
Lunch Platter for One Pen Catering
Lunch Platter for One
Our most popular Teriyaki Chicken and Brown Rice Salad is accompanied by a mi...
(GF) A balanced mix of naughty and nice with a friand, fruit and brownie bite...
Cold Platter Lunch for One Pen Catering
Cold Platter Lunch for One
(VEG) Finger Sandwiches, Mediterranean Roast Veg Salad, Zucchini & Corn F...
Sweet & Sour Tofu Spoons
(GF/DF/VG/NF) Vegan food gets a bad wrap, but not at PEN Catering. Only love ...
Rare Roast Beef Crostini Pen Catering
Rare Roast Beef Crostini
(NF/DF) You will be pleasantly surprised by not only the size of our Crostin...
Cold Finger Food Lunch for One Pen Catering
Cold Finger Food Lunch for One
A Mini Veg Quiche, Gourmet Mini Roll and Two Sushi Pieces.. just enough!
Assorted Mini Quiches Pen Catering
Assorted Mini Quiches
(VEG) Baked in house these beautiful mini quiches are great at breakfast lunc...
Vietnamese Rice Paper Rolls
(NF/GF/DF/VG)  An assortment of crisp fresh vegetables with coriander and two...
Peking Duck Crepes Pen Catering
Peking Duck Crepes
(NF) Hands down our most popular and moorish finger food is the Peking Duck C...
Thai Beef Cucumber Cups Pen Catering
Thai Beef Cucumber Cups
(DF/GF)  You’ll be surprised at just how fresh a hollowed-out piece of cucumb...
Feta, Capsicum & Asparagus Frittata Pen Catering
Feta, Capsicum & Asparagus Frittata
(NF/VEG/GF) Silky to the touch and substantial to the belly this Frittata is ...
Cold Finger Food Lunch for One Pen Catering
Cold Finger Food Lunch for One
A Smoked Salmon & Cream Cheese Bagel, Two Crispy Wonton Filled Cups and T...
Smoked Salmon Pikelets Pen Catering
Smoked Salmon Pikelets
(NF/VEG) Forget what you’re imaging and now imagine a Perfect Mini Pikelet, t...
Sushi Selection
(NF/GF/DF) The best part of sushi is it caters to every dietary need and tast...
Zucchini & Corn Fritter Cakes Pen Catering
Zucchini & Corn Fritter Cakes
(NF/VEG) Made on site our Zucchini and Corn Fritters are topped with Cream Ch...
Assorted Petite Wonton Cups Pen Catering
Assorted Petite Wonton Cups
These crispy, crunchy wonton shells can be filled with anything from an assor...
Grilled Chicken Pesto Crostinis Pen Catering
Grilled Chicken Pesto Crostinis
You will be pleasantly surprised by not only the size of our Crostini but the...
Parmesan Crusted Chicken Bites
A tender strip of Parmesan Crusted Chicken Served with Pesto Mayonaise
Hot Finger Food Lunch for One Pen Catering
Hot Finger Food Lunch for One
This Asian inspired lunch for one comes with 2 x Chicken Satay Skewers, 2 x V...
Mini Pizzettes
(VEG) Our Mini Pizzettes are substantial in size and huge in flavour!
Vegetarian Spring Rolls Pen Catering
Vegetarian Spring Rolls
(VEG) Veggie filled crunch spring rolls served with Sweet Chilli Sauce
Mini Beef Pies Pen Catering
Mini Beef Pies
You can't stop at one so order a few of our Mini Beef Pies. Served with Tomat...
Spinach & Feta Parcels
(VEG) Self-explanatory these Spinach & Feta Parcels are great to add to a...
Black Bean Empanadas
(NF/VEG) Crispy Pastry Stuffed with Black Beans, Capsicum, Corn, Cheese, Toma...
Honey Soya Chicken Drumettes Pen Catering
Honey Soya Chicken Drumettes
(NF/GF/DF) Sticky, sweet, delicious baked Drumettes that are worth getting me...
Hot Lunch for One Pen Catering
Hot Lunch for One
If you love Chicken you'll love this hot lunch for one! 1 x Beef Slider, 2 x ...

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