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Hawker Street Collection Pen Catering
Hawker Street Collection
As a collection, the Hawker Street comes with 8 x Steamed Bao Buns (NF), 8 x ...
Italian Collection Pen Catering
Italian Collection
Italian food made easy. 10 x Italian Meatball Skewers (NF) served with Tomato...
Sweet Treats Collection Pen Catering
Sweet Treats Collection
(VEG) A beautiful selection of Mini Cakes, Assorted Homemade Slices & oth...
The Standard Collection Pen Catering
The Standard Collection
10 x Mushroom Arancini (NF/VEG), 10 x Mini Pizzettes (VEG), 10 x Black Bean ...
Splendour Collection Pen Catering
Splendour Collection
(VEG) This collection not only looks amazing but tastes fantastic! Includes 8...
Bespoke Collection Pen Catering
Bespoke Collection
Classics. 10 x Smoked Salmon Pikelets with Capers & Dill Cream Cheese (NF...
Asian Spring Collection Pen Catering
Asian Spring Collection
Our Best Selling Collection, with good reason! 10 x Peking Duck Crepes (NF), ...
Funky Fudge Collection Pen Catering
Funky Fudge Collection
(VEG) 6 x Assorted Cheesecakes, 6 x GF Funky Fudge Brownie Bites, Milk Chocol...
Special Diet Collection Pen Catering
Special Diet Collection
(GF) 8 Pieces x Sushi Selection & 4 x Vietnamese Rice Paper Roll and Soya...
Sydney Picnic Collection Pen Catering
Sydney Picnic Collection
Everything you want for a Picnic in the office. 3 x Assorted Finger Sandwiche...

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