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Hawker Street Collection Pen Catering
Hawker Street Collection
As a collection, the Hawker Street comes with 8 x Steamed Bao Buns (NF), 8 x ...
Italian Collection Pen Catering
Italian Collection
Italian food made easy. 10 x Italian Meatball Skewers (NF) served with Tomato...
Sweet Treats Collection Pen Catering
Sweet Treats Collection
(VEG) A beautiful selection of Mini Cakes, Assorted Homemade Slices & oth...
Americano Collection Pen Catering
Americano Collection
Feels like America while being safe at home. Includes 7 x American Hot Dogs (...
Asian Spring Collection Pen Catering
Asian Spring Collection
Our Best Selling Collection, with good reason! 10 x Peking Duck Crepes (NF), ...
Splendour Collection Pen Catering
Splendour Collection
(VEG) This collection not only looks amazing but tastes fantastic! Includes 8...
Bespoke Collection Pen Catering
Bespoke Collection
Classics. 10 x Smoked Salmon Pikelets with Capers & Dill Cream Cheese (NF...
Special Diet Collection Pen Catering
Special Diet Collection
(GF) 8 Pieces x Sushi Selection & 4 x Vietnamese Rice Paper Roll and Soya...
The Standard Collection Pen Catering
The Standard Collection
10 x Mushroom Arancini (NF/VEG), 10 x Mini Pizzettes (VEG), 10 x Black Bean ...
Funky Fudge Collection Pen Catering
Funky Fudge Collection
(VEG) 6 x Assorted Cheesecakes, 6 x GF Funky Fudge Brownie Bites, Milk Chocol...
Sydney Picnic Collection Pen Catering
Sydney Picnic Collection
Everything you want for a Picnic in the office. 3 x Assorted Finger Sandwiche...

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