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Classic Breakfast XL Collection Pen Catering
Classic Breakfast XL Collection
$106.50 $108.60
10 Sweet Mini Muffins, 8 Mini Croissants, 8 Mini Danishes & 6 Mini Fruit Skewers
Save $3
Deluxe Morning Tea XL Collection Pen Catering Corporate Catering
Deluxe Morning Tea XL Collection
$126.10 $129.10
8 Sweet Mini Muffins, 4 Mini Almond Croissants, 6 Chia Pudding Cups, 5 Assorted Friands, 5 Mini F...
Save $16.55
Splendour Collection Pen Catering
Splendour Collection
$145 $161.55
(VEG) This collection not only looks amazing but tastes fantastic! Includes 8 x Assorted Sweet Mi...
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Share Table Collection Pen Catering
Share Table Collection
$199 $206.40
6 x Satay Chicken Skewer, 6 x Grilled Chicken Skewer, 8 x Honey Soya Chicken Drummettes, 6 x Chic...
Save $32.60
Vivid Finger Food XL Collection Pen Catering
Vivid Finger Food XL Collection
$199 $231.60
10 x Pumpkin Custard with Chorizo Savoury Tarts 10 x Beetroot Hommus with Roasted Beetroot Savour...
Save $22
Asian Spring Collection Pen Catering
Asian Spring Collection
$160 $182
Our Best Selling Collection, with good reason! 10 x Peking Duck Crepes (NF), 10 x Vietnamese Rice...
Mini Burgers Pen Catering Mini Burgers Pen Catering American Beef Burger with Special Sauce, Pickles & American Cheese
Mini Burgers
From $5.95
No more passing on a burger. Our burgers have all the flavour with half the size to make a perfec...
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Skewer Selection Pen Catering Skewer Selection Pen Catering Chicken Satay Skewers
Skewer Selection
From $4.95
Choose from our wide range of delicious skewers served hot! Our Herbed Chicken Skewers (NF/GF/DF)...
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Steamed Bao Buns Pen Catering Steamed Bao Buns Pen Catering Fried Chicken, Pickles, Special Sauce & Toasted Sesame
Steamed Bao Buns
From $6.60
Fluffy buns with a sweet, fall apart in your mouth pork is the only way to describe our Steamed B...
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Budget Box Pen Catering
Budget Box
Aussie Classics you can't go part. Order individually or as a collection. 8 x Mini Meat Pies, 8 x...
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Office Lunch Collection Pen Catering Office Lunch Collection Pen Catering Vegetarian
Office Lunch Collection
$118 $126.60
6 x Chicken Burger, 6 x Lamb Kofta Skewer, 6 x Falafel Bites 8 x Frittata. Vegetarian option incl...
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Save $16
Hawker Street Collection Pen Catering Hawker St Collection Hawker Street Collection Pen Catering Hawker St XL Collection
Hawker Street Collection
From $125 $141
Hawker St Collection includes; 10 x Bao Buns, 10 x Spring Rolls & 10 x Honey Soya Chicken Dru...
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Save $20.20
Vive Collection Pen Catering
Vive Collection
$155 $175.20
6 x rice paper rolls (CHICKEN)10 x smoked salmon pikelets20 x savoury tarts
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Bespoke Collection Pen Catering
Bespoke Collection
$150 $173
Classics. 10 x Smoked Salmon Pikelets with Capers & Dill Cream Cheese (NF), 10 x Feta, Capsic...
Signature Sweet Croissants Pen Catering
Signature Sweet Croissants
From $4.80
New range of sweet croissants including White Chocolate, Raspberries & Pisstacchio Crumble wi...
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Savoury Tarts Selection Pen Catering
Savoury Tarts Selection
A wide and tasty range of Savoury Tarts to add to your to table. Options include; Roasted Chicken...
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Traditional Pastries Pen Catering
Traditional Pastries
From $3.40
(VEG) Feel like you're in France with fresh baked Croissants and Danish
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Mixed Bread Platter Pen Catering Mixed Bread Platter Pen Catering Individually Packaged
Mixed Bread Platter
From $15.75
An assortment of sandwiches, wraps and mini rolls allows for 3 servings per person. When ordering...
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Baguette & Slider Collection Pen Catering
Baguettes & Sliders
From $4.80
Includes 8 x Mini Baguettes & 9 x Assorted Sliders. Vegetarian options available.
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Triangle Sandwiches Pen Catering
Triangle Sandwiches
From $8.90
White, brown, multigrain and dark rye breads with traditional filling cut in quarters. We automat...
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Antipasto Platter Pen Catering
Antipasto Platter
From $62.50
Price per person. Includes; sliced prosciutto, mild Italian salami, smoked ham, bocconcini, feta,...
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Cheese & Dried Fruit Platter Pen Catering
Cheese & Dried Fruit Platter
From $62.50
(VEG) Includes three assorted Australian cheeses, dried fruits, nuts, water crackers and croutons. 
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Lite Dips Pen Catering
Lite Dip Collection
From $47.50
(VEG) Three assorted dips with vegetable crudites and an assortment of toasted breads. Gluten fre...
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Mini Sweet Tarts Pen Catering
Mini Sweet Tarts
From $4.20
(VEG) Assorted flavours include Lemon Meringue, Mixed Fruit, Apple Crumble, Cookies & Cream.
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Sweet Treats Collection Pen Catering
Sweet Treats Collection
$160 $171.80
(VEG) A beautiful selection of Mini Cakes, Assorted Homemade Slices & other Sweets - 38 Pieces.
Assorted Slices Pen Catering
Assorted Slices
From $3.95
(VEG) A selection of our favourite homemade slices. Classic slices, reinvented by our team.
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Dietary Sweets Pen Catering
Dietary Sweets
From $3.95
A range of flavoursome dietary sweets to meet the needs of your guests. Gluten free and vegan opt...
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Fruit Skewers Pen Catering
Fruit Skewers
From $3.85
(VG/NF/GF/DF) A variety of fresh fruit on an easy to eat skewer. small fruit skewer (3 piece) = 3...
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Fruit Platter Pen Catering
Fruit Platter
From $42.50
(VF/NF/DF/GF) A premium selection of seasonal fruit, freshly cut and ready to enjoy. Serves 10
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Vegan Mini Shepards Pie Pen Catering
Vegan GF Mini Shepards Pie
PEN Catering's signature Vegan Shepards Pie, made with cauliflower, mushroom ragu and sweet potat...
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Special Diet Collection Pen Catering
Special Diet Collection
$32 $36.80
(GF) 8 Pieces x Sushi Selection & 4 x Vietnamese Rice Paper Roll and Soya Sauce for dipping -...
Vegan Mini Quiche Pen Catering
Vegan GF Mini Quiche
Baked in house, these beautiful mini quiches are the perfect savoury item to add to your breakfas...
Gluten Free Sandwiches Pen Catering
Gluten Free Sandwiches
Gluten-Free has been taken to the next level with our delicious fresh fillings. All sandwiches ar...
Teriyaki Chicken & Brown Rice Salad Pen Catering Teriyaki Chicken & Brown Rice Salad Pen Catering
Teriyaki Chicken & Brown Rice Salad
From $9.50
(DF/NF) By far our most popular salad. Sticky Teriyaki Chicken pieces with Brown Rice, Pickled Gi...
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Chickpea Falafel Salad Pen Catering Chickpea Falafel Salad Pen Catering
Chickpea Falafel Salad
From $9.50
DF/NF/GF/VG Chickpea Falafel, Cabbage & Mint Slaw, Beetroot Hummus, Pomegranate Dressing Pric...
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The end of the financial year is the perfect opportunity to take time and reflect on the outstanding effort and hard work of your team that have gone towards achieving the goals of your business over the past 12 months. Creating a EOFY celebration can stimulate morale and foster growth in your team by congratulating and celebrating the efforts of your team.

Before you progress in working out the finer details, it is always best to take a minute and think about the type of celebration you would like to create for your team; is there a theme? Will it be more of a cocktail event? Will there be activities? Will you host a company lunch? Once you have checked with your team and decided on your event type, it is time to put together your budget and begin working through the finer details. AT PEN Catering, we have been creating delicious catering options for EOFY celebrations for over 20 years so it is safe to say we have a few tips and tricks up our sleeve.  

Show gratitude to your staff

Research published by the Bank of Queensland showed more than a third of small business owners say the end of financial year is the most stressful time. Having excess administration and paperwork makes this time of year particularly stressful while also added pressure to meet deadlines and hit sales target contributes to increased pressure and stress. EOFY can be an opportunity to show appreciation and boost morale while, after a few stressful months, will help to build a more relaxed environment and create a more united team.

Beyond providing fabulous corporate catering for you EOFY event, it is important to map out how your company will show its thanks. From awards to staff members and speeches from company executives there are plenty of ways your company can show its appreciation.

Strengthen your client relationships

Throwing a EOFY event can also be an effective way to spread your thanks to your clients and customers for their continued support across the previous 12 months. An EOFY can be used as a strategic tool the foster and build these relationships also, and act as a facilitator for future projects, partnerships, or collaborations with key stakeholders. By bringing together customer, clients, and team members alike, this can build unity and a teamwork mentality to key, upcoming partnership, projects and collaborations.


Choosing a style or theme to your event

It is always important that you also have fun while trying to plan an event. Starting with theme type can also be a way to make the event more interesting and fun. Considering dress code, colours in decorations or overall theme of the event can play an important factor in how your event will entertain guests and keep the celebration fun, social and in good spirits.

A company lunch or breakfast?

A company lunch is a great alternative to your typical EOFY party. It’s a fabulous way to bring your entire team together and let delicious EOFY catering and food be the centre of attention. A company lunch can also be a weight off your shoulders and overall, a much simpler process, one that is also easier on the budget too. With a bit of scouting and decorating you can turn a standard office space into a great spot for your next company lunch and often enough you will find you don’t even need to bother finding a venue. Looking at utilising a conference space or lunchroom is often a useful option in these scenarios. At PEN Catering, there are plenty of options to create an outstanding variety of flavours and taste

Breakfast is also another popular option to show your thanks following the EOFY and a perfect way to get the new financial year started off on the right foot. Checkout PEN Catering’s range of delicious breakfast items and range of drinks and juices to setup your perfect breakfast.

Selecting the menu

Deciding on the right catering selection can always be daunting. Mapping out guest numbers, dietaries and a balance of catering options to provide variety on the table can be a stressful task. An important consideration is to take into account the event that you’re having. The event type will often dictate the catering items that you ultimately select. 

At PEN Catering, it’s safe to say we’re experts at catering your EOFY events. For over the last 20 years we have consistently created successful events that serve up delicious catering to your guests. Whether you're choosing options for your standing cocktail event, outdoor activity, company lunch or staff breakfast we have you covered. Contact our catering consultants on 02 9571 7288 or orders@pencatering.com.au to get started on planning your next event. 

Call us on 02 9571 7288 to see what items we can deliver to your office, same day.

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