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There’s nothing like enjoying the thrill of dining in the great outdoors and in Sydney, there’s no shortlist of options to choose a wonderful setting for your next picnic. 

At PEN Catering, as the experts of picnic catering and we've handpicked our menu to help give you the best picnic experience.

How much catering should I order?

Ordering the right amount of food for any event can be difficult. Not offering enough food can leave your guests unsatisfied while ordering too much may result in wastage which no one wants.

At PEN Catering we recommend the following or the perfect picnic catering;

30 minute events: 3-4 pieces per person + Seasonal Fruit Platter/10 people

1 hour events:  5-6 pieces per person

Every additional hour: add either 1-2 canape’s or 1 x Lite Dips & Spreads, Antipasto, Artisian Cheese or Seasonal Fruit Platter/10 people

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