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5 Flavour Mini Rolls Pen Catering
5 Flavour Mini Rolls
From $3.95
Taking inspiration from across the world our 5 Flavour mini roll options can ...
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600ml Water Pen Catering
American Hot Dogs Pen Catering
American Hot Dogs
(NF)  Our hot dogs have all the flavour with half the size to make a perfect ...
Americano Collection Pen Catering
Americano Collection
Feels like America while being safe at home. Includes 7 x American Hot Dogs (...
Antipasto Platter Pen Catering
Antipasto Platter
Price per person. Includes; sliced prosciutto, mild Italian salami, smoked ha...
Asian Spring Collection Pen Catering
Asian Spring Collection
Our Best Selling Collection, with good reason! 10 x Peking Duck Crepes (NF), ...
Assorted Mini Bruschetta Pen Catering
Assorted Mini Bruschetta
(VEG) Rounds of crusty baguette topped with a mix of Tomatoes & Feta or R...
Assorted Mini Quiches Pen Catering
Assorted Mini Quiches
(VEG) Baked in house these beautiful mini quiches are great at breakfast lunc...
Assorted Petite Wonton Cups Pen Catering
Assorted Petite Wonton Cups
These crispy, crunchy wonton shells can be filled with anything from an assor...
Assorted Slices Pen Catering
Assorted Slices
From $3.95
(VEG) A selection of our favourite homemade slices. Classic slices, reinvente...
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Baguette & Slider Collection Pen Catering
Baguette & Slider Collection
Includes 8 x Mini Baguettes & 9 x Assorted Sliders. Vegetarian options av...
Beef Bourguignon with Steamed Rice Pen Catering
Beef Bourguignon with Steamed Rice
100g Beef, Red Wine, Onion, Bacon, Tomato Paste, Celery, Carrot, Herbs, Corn...
Beef Lasagne Pen Catering
Beef Lasagne
Lasagne Sheets, 180g Mince, Napolitana Tomato Sauce (Tomatoes, Italian Herbs...
Bespoke Collection Pen Catering
Bespoke Collection
Classics. 10 x Smoked Salmon Pikelets with Capers & Dill Cream Cheese (NF...
Black & Brown Rice, Asparagus & Pumpkin Salad Pen Catering
Black & Brown Rice, Asparagus & Pumpkin Salad
From $8
(GF/NF/DF/VG) A mix of Black & Brown Rice with Asparagus, Capsicum, Cherr...
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Black Bean Empanadas
(NF/VEG) Crispy Pastry Stuffed with Black Beans, Capsicum, Corn, Cheese, Toma...
Braised Beef Stir Fry and Cauliflower Rice Pen Catering
Braised Beef Stir Fry and Cauliflower Rice
* Calories 423. Protein 52.4g. Fat 20.3g. Carbohydrates 4.2g Beef, cornflour...
Breakfast Basket Pen Catering
Breakfast Basket
(VEG) A perfect mix of sweet and savoury to start the day. 8 x Sweet Mini Muf...
Breakfast for One Pen Catering
Breakfast for One
(VEG) A homemade mini spinach and feta quiche, fresh fruit, and a sweet crois...
Breakfast Wraps Pen Catering
Breakfast Wraps
From $6.90
Tasty warm breakfast wraps include Bacon & Egg with Roast Tomato, Spinach...
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Budget Box Pen Catering
Budget Box
Aussie Classics you can't go part. Order individually or as a collection. 8 x...
Budget Hot Lunch for One Pen Catering
Budget Hot Lunch for One
A Mini Beef Pie, Sausage Roll and a Spinach & Cheese Triangle
California Cobb Salad Pen Catering
California Cobb Salad
From $8
(NF) Mouthwatering Bacon, Turkey, Egg, Avocado, Tomato, Mesclun, Blue Cheese ...
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Cheese & Dried Fruit Platter Pen Catering
Cheese & Dried Fruit Platter
(VEG) Includes three assorted Australian cheeses, dried fruits, nuts, water c...
Cheese Box Pen Catering
Cheese Box
Cheesecake Slices Pen Catering
Cheesecake Slices
From $3.95
(VEG) Our homemade mini cheesecakes come in four flavours. Traditional, choc ...
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Chef Selection Salad
No Minimum Amount. Options include Meat, Vegetarian or Vegan. Large or Small ...
Chicken Cacciatore with Steamed Rice Pen Catering
Chicken Cacciatore with Steamed Rice
100g Chicken, Crushed Tomatoes, Mushrooms, Garlic, Onion, Oregano, Sugar, Ja...
Chicken Pesto Penne Pasta Pen Catering
Chicken Pesto Penne Pasta
Penne Pasta, 100g Chicken Breast, Pesto sauce (basil/pine nuts/garlic/olive ...
Chicken Satay Skewers Pen Catering
Chicken Satay Skewers
(GF/DF) When a tasty mouthful (or two) is what you need to end the day or enh...
Chicken Satay Skewers, Asian Greens & Steamed Rice Pen Catering
Chicken Satay Skewers, Asian Greens & Steamed Rice
100g Chicken, Satay Sauce (Peanut sauce with Coconut Cream and Fish Sauce), ...
Chilli Con Carne with Mexican Rice Pen Catering
Chilli Con Carne with Mexican Rice
180 Beef Mince, Butter Corn Rice, Red kidney beans, Chilli, Onion, Carrot, C...

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