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Mini Breakfast Rolls Pen Catering
Mini Breakfast Rolls
From $5.50
Options include Mini Bacon & Egg Rolls served with Egg, Bacon & Smoky Barbecue Sauce (NF)...
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Breakfast Wraps Pen Catering
Breakfast Wraps
From $9.95
Tasty warm breakfast wraps include Bacon & Egg with Roast Tomato, Spinach & Barbecue Sauc...
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Warm Croissants Pen Catering
Warm Croissants
From $4.20
(NF) Our Delicious Warm Croissants include Mini Ham & Cheese, Mini Tomato & Cheese (VEG) ...
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Breakfast Basket Pen Catering
Breakfast Basket
$80 $88.95
(VEG) A perfect mix of sweet and savoury to start the day. 8 x Sweet Mini Muffins, 8 x Mini Danis...
Save $9.60
Sweet & Savoury Basket Pen Catering
Sweet & Savoury Basket
$80 $89.60
(VEG) A Classic combination of 8 x Mini Vegetarian Quiche, 8 x Savoury Mini Muffins, 8 x Mini Cro...
Mini Muffins Breakfast Pen Catering
Mini Muffins
From $2.95
(VEG) An assortment of freshly baked mini muffins. Sweet flavours - apple cinnamon, blueberry &am...
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Sweet & Savoury Bread Loaves Pen Catering
Sweet & Savoury Bread Loaves
From $5.50
(VEG) For a bigger serve than a mini muffin, look to our tasty range of bread loaves. Baked in-ho...
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Warm Breakfast for One Pen Catering Scrambled Eggs / Mushrooms / Wilted Spinach Warm Breakfast for One Pen Catering Scrambled Eggs / Mushrooms / Bacon & Dinner Roll
Warm Breakfast for One
From $10.90 $12
Take the vegetarian option or add bacon, either way our indivudial warm breakfast for one will hi...
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Wellness Collection Pen Catering
Wellness Collection
$110 $116.60
Eating well can be enjoyable with 8 x Caramelised Onion, Goats Cheese & Pine Nut Savoury loav...
600ml Water Pen Catering

Savoury breakfast catering is, for many, a popular choice for events and gatherings where guests and attendees prefer a more substantial and savoury start to their day. Whether it is a corporate meeting, team breakfast, morning WIP or external client meeting, a savoury breakfast catering by PEN Catering will provide a wonderful experience for your guests. With a wide range of savoury breakfast catering options, you can help kickstart your morning and boost the morale of your staff and guests. A few popular options to choose from:

  1. Our Breakfast Wraps: A PEN Catering breakfast staple and a hearty way to get your morning moving, filled with Bacon & Egg with Roast Tomato, Spinach & Barbecue Sauce. Vegetarian and vegan options are also available to help you cater to all your guests’ dietary requirements.
  2. Mini Spinach & Feta Quiches: Baked fresh, in-house, these delicious Spinach & Feta Mini Quiches are a great versatile item to fit any breakfast type.  
  3. Savoury Croissants: Freshly baked French Butter Croissants with an option of three savoury flavours; Tomato & Cheese, Spinach & Feta or Ham & Cheese, these are a fantastic way to add a variety of flavours to your table and satisfy your guests. They are bite-sized and can be an excellent item to add to your breakfast catering menu if your guests are moving around and mingling or even as part of a sit-down breakfast.
  4. Savoury Loaves & Muffins: At PEN Catering our range of savoury loaves and muffins are designed to provide a savoury option both petite and substantial for all your breakfast menu requirements.
  5. Mini Breakfast Rolls: Our B&E Breakfast Rolls and vegetarian Brioche Roll options are a fantastic way to add more variety to your table while mixing in with a number of items to offer a range of flavours to your guests.


How much catering should I order?

Ordering the right amount of food for any event can be difficult. Not offering enough food can leave your guests unsatisfied while ordering too much may result in wastage which no one wants.

At PEN Catering we recommend the following;

30-minute events: 3-4 pieces per person + Seasonal Fruit Platter/10 people

1-hour events:  5-6 pieces per person

Every additional hour: add either 1-2 canapes or 1 x Lite Dips & Spreads, Antipasto, Artisan Cheese or Seasonal Fruit Platter/10 people

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