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Fruit Skewers Pen Catering
Fruit Skewers
From $3.25
(VG/NF/GF/DF) A variety of fresh fruit on an easy to eat skewer.
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Mixed Bread Platter Pen Catering
Mixed Bread Platter
From $13.50
An assortment of sandwiches, wraps and mini rolls allows for 3 servings per p...
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Mini Sweet Tarts Pen Catering
Mini Sweet Tarts
From $3.95
(VEG) Assorted flavours include Lemon Meringue, Mixed Fruit, Apple Crumble, C...
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5 Flavour Mini Rolls Pen Catering
5 Flavour Mini Rolls
From $3.95
Taking inspiration from across the world our 5 Flavour mini roll options can ...
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Mini Breakfast Rolls Pen Catering
Mini Breakfast Rolls
From $4.90
Options include Mini Bacon & Egg Rolls served with Egg, Bacon & Smoky...
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Gourmet Sandwiches & Wraps Pen Catering
Gourmet Sandwiches & Wraps
From $8.95
White, brown, multigrain and dark rye breads with gourmet fillings cut in hal...
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Mini Muffins Breakfast Pen Catering
Mini Muffins
From $2.80
(VEG) An assortment of freshly baked mini muffins. Sweet flavours - apple cin...
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Finger Sandwiches Pen Catering
Finger Sandwiches
Each sandwich has the crust removed and cut into 3 pieces (price is per 3 pie...
Triangle Sandwiches Pen Catering
Triangle Sandwiches
From $7.50
White, brown, multigrain and dark rye breads with traditional filling cut in ...
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Cheese & Dried Fruit Platter Pen Catering
Cheese & Dried Fruit Platter
(VEG) Includes three assorted Australian cheeses, dried fruits, nuts, water c...
International Breads Pen Catering
International Breads
From $4.40
Our International breads can be ordered individually or as a collection. Flav...
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Budget Box Pen Catering
Budget Box
Aussie Classics you can't go part. Order individually or as a collection. 8 x...
Breakfast Wraps Pen Catering
Breakfast Wraps
From $6.90
Tasty warm breakfast wraps include Bacon & Egg with Roast Tomato, Spinach...
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Fruit Platter Pen Catering
Fruit Platter
(VF/NF/DF/GF) A premium selection of seasonal fruit, freshly cut and ready to...
Peking Duck Crepes Pen Catering
Peking Duck Crepes
(NF) Hands down our most popular and moorish finger food is the Peking Duck C...
Mini Beef Burgers Pen Catering
Mini Beef Burgers
(NF) No more passing on a burger. Our burgers have all the flavour with half ...
Assorted Slices Pen Catering
Assorted Slices
From $3.95
(VEG) A selection of our favourite homemade slices. Classic slices, reinvente...
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Vegetarian Spring Rolls Pen Catering
Vegetarian Spring Rolls
(VEG) Veggie filled crunch spring rolls served with Sweet Chilli Sauce
Traditional Pastries Pen Catering
Traditional Pastries
From $3
(VEG) Feel like you're in France with fresh baked Croissants and Danish
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Antipasto Platter Pen Catering
Antipasto Platter
Price per person. Includes; sliced prosciutto, mild Italian salami, smoked ha...
Chicken Satay Skewers Pen Catering
Chicken Satay Skewers
(GF/DF) When a tasty mouthful (or two) is what you need to end the day or enh...
Breakfast for One Pen Catering
Breakfast for One
(VEG) A homemade mini spinach and feta quiche, fresh fruit, and a sweet crois...
Traditional Greek Salad Pen Catering
Traditional Greek Salad
From $8
(GF/NF/VEG) Classic Fresh Flavours of Greece with Tomatoes, Cucumbers, Kalam...
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Mini Homemade Cakes Pen Catering
Mini Homemade Cakes
From $4.40
(GF) A selection of homemade mini lemon & almond cakes and mini choc mud ...
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Lunch Platter for One Pen Catering
Lunch Platter for One
Our most popular Teriyaki Chicken and Brown Rice Salad is accompanied by a mi...
Sushi Selection
(NF/GF/DF) The best part of sushi is it caters to every dietary need and tast...
Traditional Vegetarian Samosas Pen Catering
Traditional Vegetarian Samosas
(VG) Crispy and Soft our Samosas come Served with Mint Yoghurt Dressing 
Mini Sausage Rolls Pen Catering
Mini Sausage Rolls
When you don't feel like a pie, a sausage roll is sometimes better! Served wi...
Mushroom & Cheese Arancini Pen Catering
Mushroom & Cheese Arancini
(NF/VEG) Crisp on the outside, soft on the inside with a delicious Napolitano...
Healthy Breakfast for One Pen Catering
Healthy Breakfast for One
(VEG) Healthy & Tasty, our homemade muesli works perfectly with this comb...
Primo Collection Pen Catering
Primo Collection
All the good stuff! Includes 6 x Mini Beef Burger (NF), 12 x Mushroom & ...
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Breakfast Basket Pen Catering
Breakfast Basket
(VEG) A perfect mix of sweet and savoury to start the day. 8 x Sweet Mini Muf...
Cold Platter Lunch for One Pen Catering
Cold Platter Lunch for One
(VEG) Finger Sandwiches, Mediterranean Roast Veg Salad, Zucchini & Corn F...
Rare Roast Beef Crostini Pen Catering
Rare Roast Beef Crostini
(NF/DF) You will be pleasantly surprised by not only the size of our Crostin...
Assorted Mini Quiches Pen Catering
Assorted Mini Quiches
(VEG) Baked in house these beautiful mini quiches are great at breakfast lunc...

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