Top 5 Tips for Australia Day Catering in Sydney

The 2021 festive season may have come and gone but the celebrations and parties aren’t slowing down. With the need to organise Australia Day catering creeping up on us before we know it, we’ve shortlisted our top tips and favourite items to help get a step-ahead on the party planning.

While may will celebrate Australia Day and enjoy the day off, may companies and offices will plan to celebrate on the eve of day before. This is a fantastic opportunity to bring together a fun “welcome back to the office” message to staff and support employees feeling welcome within a team environment.

Considering the current climate, attendance numbers will be difficult to finalise however it is important to have a guide to possible attendees in order to help manage budget and sufficient food quantity.

At Pen Catering, we’ve selected our Australia favourites to offer the best and tastiest options for your event. We’ve taken a modern, multicultural approach to Australia Day, bringing together a wide range of flavours.

Mini Beef Pies & Sausage Rolls

How could you look any further? An Australian staple so good it’s nearly impossible to resist. While many choose to enjoy and beef pie or sausage rolls with a beer watching the footy, this the perfect option to add to your Australia Day catering bucket list.

Finger Sandwiches

Finger sandwiches are a fantastic option to add a savoury flavour for everyone. Our range of finger sandwiches include, smoked salmon, cream cheese & capers, herbed egg, roast beef with cheese and mango chutney, turkey, cranberry & cheese, & poached chicken, aioli & parsley.

Meat Skewers

Add a portion of meat to the equation with our tender skewer selection. Our grilled chicken skewers marinated in lemon dressing are a perfect selection the add to the table. If you’re looking to add a multicultural twist our lamb kofta skewer served with mint yoghurt dressing and our satay chicken skewers are also tasty options.

Beef, Chicken & Veggie Burgers

Who doesn’t love a beef burger? Walk down the street and you’ll be destined to find plenty of burger options on every corner. Pen Catering has delicious burger options including our signature beef burger, chicken burger with special sauce, rocket mayo & roasted peppers and our signature veggie burger with tomato chutney, caramelised onion & Swiss cheese.


Alongside all your delicious catering wonders it's always a fantastic option to add variety to the table with a sweet sugar hit. Aussie classics such as lamingtons, pavlovas, ANZAC Biscuits or even caramel slices or brownies always work a treat.

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