Planning Catering for a Last-Minute Event

We know that when it comes to planning a last-minute event, more often than not, we aren’t prepared as we would like to be. It can be a stressful task to pull together all the details you need to organise in time. While your ultimate goal is to create a very successful event, sometimes, we settle for making our last-minute event not look so last-minute. So, to take some of the stress away and help you create a successful event, we at PEN Catering have shortlisted our top tips you need to consider when organising catering for a last-minute gathering.

Budget! Budget! Budget!

Before you start planning your choices of food to indulge in, you have to consider the most important thing and that is your budget. It is crucial that you know your working budget so you can jump right in and start doing your research on which delicious food to order for your special event. Once you know your budget you can assess the best options PEN Catering has to offer to match your event perfectly.

Type of Event

When you are planning your event, it is so important to know every detail of your event. Details such as knowing the location on which the event will take place to knowing the number of attendees. You also have to consider if the event is a standing event or a sitting event. In addition, what type of food you want like finger food or snack, hot foods or sandwiches and wraps. For example, if it is a lunch event at a park you would want to consider getting some hot finger foods or some sandwiches along with fruit platters.

Knowing your Time

Time is crucial in any event, therefore when it comes to your event you need to know when your event is taking place. You need to consider when will be the best time for all attendees to arrive for the event to commence. Timing is also important when it comes to meals that suit a particular time, for example if your event is a breakfast event you will have to consider ordering our Breakfast for one meal which has a delicious selection of fruits, sweet croissant and Feta quiche, if your event is a dinner event it may be more suited to order the hot meals.

Knowing your Guests needs

Once you have the number of guests for the event, you will now have to consider their needs. What we mean by needs is, you have to consider their dietary requirements and any other special request, for example if there is a gluten free guest or a vegan guest. It’s always good to check and see before placing an order. we have a variety of meals to cater for anyone with dietary requirements so no one is left out. A reminder that if you are stuck and need answers, just email us at and we’ll do our best to cater for you.

Preparation is key!

Preparation is always key, however if it comes down to a last-minute event it is always important to be organised. It can be a very stressful time when you are left with a last-minute event to organise that’s why at Pen catering, we are here to help you organise and plan your last-minute event. There’s plenty of time to order with us at as we accept orders the night before. For same day deliveries call us on 02 9571 7288 and we’ll see how we can help.