How To Order Sydney’s Best Sandwich Platters?

In Sydney, we’ve all tasted an amazing sandwich. When they’re at their best a sandwich is delicious, fillings and overly satisfying, so it’s no wonder our corporate sandwich platters, mixed bread platters, (the best sandwich catering in Sydney) are always a hit for an office lunch! But how do you order the right sandwiches for your event? Will you order finger sandwiches or triangle sandwiches? Who do you turn to for your sandwiches? Will they understand what makes a sandwich standout from the rest? Here’s how Pen Catering can help with your next office lunch and caterer to you the best tasting sandwiches in Sydney!

Fingers, Triangles or Gourmet Sandwich Platter

Before you rush ahead and order those delicious chicken schnitzel gourmet sandwiches, take a minute to assess the type of event you’re running and your overall budget. Are you offering one and a half portions per person or just one? Taking a few minutes to gather some details will help ensure whatever event or office lunch you’re running; it will be a success.

Once you’ve decided which sandwiches, you’re moving forward with you’ll have confidence ordering with Pen Catering. You can view our range of sandwiches, rolls & wraps here! All our ingredients are sourced locally and we only use the highest calibre of ingredients.

Whether you’re hosting a business event, working lunches, internal or external meeting, out corporate sandwich platters are always a success.

The Best Sandwich Fillings in Sydney

At Pen Catering, we pride ourselves on our evolving sandwich fillings. We’re always experimenting with our mixed bread platters, sandwiches and wraps, creating new flavours for our customers to enjoy. Our options change on a daily-basis so you won’t have to worry about your colleagues seeing and tasting the exact same ham sandwich each and every day. While we’re continuously mixing it up, gourmet sandwich favourites are a regular within our gourmet sandwich line-up. With their role as a fan favourite filling such chicken schnitzel and smoked salmon make a regular appearance. If there are any sandwiches you would like to include or exclude let us know at and we can tailor your order specially to your guests

Individually Wrapped & Sealed

We’re known for doing things a little bit different sometimes and that often makes us stand out from the rest. All gourmet wraps and gourmet sandwiches are individually wrapped at Pen Catering. We also offer options for individually packaged plating options that are professionally sealed, as well as, individually packaged cutlery packs.

Delicious Options for Dietaries

At Pen Catering we’re always able to meet different dietary requirements with new delicious sandwich fillings. Whether your guest desire a larger number of smoked salmon or ham sandwiches we can always work to you guests’ preferred taste.  

Contact us today on 02 9571 7288 or on email at to place your next sandwich order!