As staff once again make a move back to the office, it’s time to start planning how to kickstart a return to the office in the best way possible. Pen Catering has designed a fantastic range of single serve items, individually packed to help ensure you staff feel as safe and as confident as possible in all aspects of office life. 

Bringing staff back to the office in the right way will strengthen that much needed office culture that had slowed down in 2020. In 2021 we want to excite everyone to enjoy office life and foster the company culture, and guess what, Pen Catering is here to help.


By organising your staff lunch occasionally will show you appreciate them showing up and putting in the hard yards. With over 45 individually packed meal options, Pen Catering has a large variety to cover hot meal staff lunches to service all dietaries. Visit the menu or contact our team directly at if you have any questions.