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Office Lunch Collection Pen Catering Office Lunch Collection Pen Catering Vegetarian
Office Lunch Collection
$118 $126.60
6 x Chicken Burger, 6 x Lamb Kofta Skewer, 6 x Falafel Bites 8 x Frittata. Vegetarian option incl...
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Assorted Petite Wonton Cups Pen Catering
Assorted Petite Wonton Cups
These crispy, crunchy wonton shells can be filled with anything from an assortment of chicken fla...
600ml Water Pen Catering
Cheesecake Slices Pen Catering
Cheesecake Slices
(VEG) Our homemade mini cheesecakes come in four flavours. Traditional, choc chip, mixed berry, a...
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Vive Collection Pen Catering
Vive Collection
$155 $175.20
6 x rice paper rolls (CHICKEN)10 x smoked salmon pikelets20 x savoury tarts
Raceday Finger Sandwiches Pen Catering
Raceday Finger Sandwiches
Sold per dozen ((36 pieces). Pen Catering's Raceday Finger Sandwiches to help kickoff your Melbou...
Falafel Bites Pen Catering
Falafel Bites
Falafel, Green Tahini, Beetroot Hommus, & Chickpea Crumble
Smoked Salmon Pikelets Pen Catering
Smoked Salmon Pikelets
(NF/VEG) Forget what you’re imaging and now imagine a Perfect Mini Pikelet, topped with Cream Che...
Vegan Mini Quiche Pen Catering
Vegan GF Mini Quiche
Baked in house, these beautiful mini quiches are the perfect savoury item to add to your breakfas...
Thai Beef Cucumber Cups Pen Catering
Thai Beef Cucumber Cups
(DF/GF)  You’ll be surprised at just how fresh a hollowed-out piece of cucumber filled with Thai ...
Honey Soya Chicken Drumettes Pen Catering
Honey Soya Chicken Drumettes
(NF/DF) Sticky, sweet, delicious baked Drumettes that are worth getting messy fingers for.
Vegan Mini Shepards Pie Pen Catering
Vegan GF Mini Shepards Pie
PEN Catering's signature Vegan Shepards Pie, made with cauliflower, mushroom ragu and sweet potat...
Freshly Brewed Coffee Package (12 Pax)
Includes;· 1 x 3lt coffee urn (serves 12pax)· 1lt full cream milk· Disposable cups, sugar, stirre...
Cheese Box Pen Catering
Cheese Box
Lite Dips Box Pen Catering
Cold Finger Food Lunch for One Pen Catering
Cold Finger Food Lunch for One
A Smoked Salmon & Cream Cheese Bagel, Two Crispy Wonton Filled Cups and Two of our moreish Pe...
Hot Finger Food Lunch for One Pen Catering
Hot Finger Food Lunch for One
This Asian inspired lunch for one comes with 2 x Chicken Satay Skewers, 2 x Vegetable Spring Roll...
Hot Lunch for One Pen Catering
Hot Lunch for One
If you love Chicken you'll love this hot lunch for one! 1 x Beef Slider, 2 x Honey Soya Drumettes...

How much catering should I order?

Ordering the right amount of food for any event can be difficult. Not offering enough food can leave your guests unsatisfied while ordering too much may result in wastage which no one wants.

At PEN Catering we recommend the following;

30 minute events: 3-4 pieces per person + Seasonal Fruit Platter/10 people

1 hour events:  5-6 pieces per person

Every additional hour: add either 1-2 canapes or 1 x Lite Dips & Spreads, Antipasto, Artisian Cheese or Seasonal Fruit Platter/10 people

Call us on 02 9571 7288 to see what items we can deliver to your office, same day.

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