How to order Sydney’s best breakfast catering?

How to order Sydney’s best breakfast catering?

Starting the office week can often be a daunting experience. You can often find yourself in back-to-back team meetings and huddles to kick-off the week. While morning huddles are often a great way to get the team on track, starting the day with delicious breakfast catering can ensure your staff are fuelled with a fulfilling breakfast. With Pen Catering’s wide range of tasty breakfast catering, there’s plenty to choose from that will get the team into gear. From sweet petite options such as mini muffins, to our popular substantial breakfast wraps, we’ve got every occasion covered.

Mix it up with Sweet & Savoury Mini Muffins

Mini muffins are a fantastic breakfast catering option! With a wide range of flavours both savoury & sweet there’s plenty for your guests to choose from. Flavours including our blueberry white chocolate, raspberry coconut and apple cinnamon are always a hit. You can always choose to add some variety with our savoury muffin options as well. See the full range here!

Bacon & Egg Brekkie

For over 10 years we’ve been Sydney’s premier corporate catering and for over 10 years our bacon and egg breakfast wraps have always been a massive favourite. They are substantial item sure to fill your guest’s bellies and keep them satisfied and content. We understand not everyone is a meat eater and for all our vegetarian and vegan friends out there we have you covered with our veg & vegan breakfast wraps.

Single Serve

Pen Catering’s range of single serve breakfast items is sure to be a delight for every guests. Our warm breakfast for one is a delicious option including bacon, eggs, mushrooms & a dinner roll is a fantastic option to give each of your guest a warm breakfast option, individually packed. Our breakfast for one, including one quiche, mini croissant & fruit is the perfect balance to treat your staff between sweet & savoury.

Breakfast Collections

Our breakfast collections serve as a popular way to add more variety to your catered breakfast. Our savoury collection & breakfast basket are always a popular option while our premium Splendour Collection is always impresses.

For your any ideas or enquiries for Sydney breakfast catering contact our customer service team on 02 9571 7288 or email us at to see how we can help.