How to nail catering for internal staff meetings

Organising food for your staff meetings can be quite the stressful task. You’ve essentially been selected as team captain to shout everyone the best lunch out while also having to worry about your budget, time constraints and a room of picky eaters.

So, to make life a little easier when it comes to ordering catering, we’ve built a step-by-step guide on how to make the perfect catering order for your internal staff meetings.

Sticking to your budget

Before you take a deep dive and starting trying to choose between Pen Catering’s delicious staff lunch hot food meals or finger food options take 5 minutes to go over some details. When ordering catering it’s important to develop a simple framework to work within. Before you start doing your research on different options, do you best to understand your working budget. This will be critical in choosing which options you select. Knowing if your budget is a bit tight or if you have room for more premium items can have a large result on the catering you order.

Knowing your event

When ordering catering it’s important to understanding what type of event is taking place and the number of people attending. You need to understand whether it’s a standing event or a sitting event, are you after finger food or snack, or hot food meals and salads. For example if it’s an all day training seminar you may consider out individual packages or if it’s a 2 hour staff meeting at lunch you may choose to go with so visually impressive gourmet platters.

Consider the time

When it comes to you event, time is always crucial. Firstly, you need to understand when a meeting may take place and when participants are expected to commence the meeting. Now, if your event is bang-on at breakfast, lunch or afternoon tea it’s important to understand people maybe craving certain types of food. So, if it’s the afternoon maybe look towards some of our tasty fudge brownies or if its lunch checks out our hot meal staff lunches. Also consider the time of the year, if it’s approaching Easter it may be a great idea to cater some hot cross buns.

Catering for dietaries

Once you know how many attendees will be in a meeting, it’s always a good idea to check-in and see if there are any dietaries you need to cater for. Nobody likes feeling left out! If you’re ever stuck, email us at and we’ll do our best to cater for you.

Always be prepared

Preparation is always important for any successful event. It’s always best to have the requirements planned out for a meeting well-ahead of time. Meetings do pop-up at the last minute more than often and we understand how frantic and stressful things can become. At Pen Catering we’re always happy to help. There’s plenty of time to get your last-minute orders through at with orders accepted late the night before. For same-day deliveries, give us a call on 02 9571 7288 and we’ll see how we can help. We’re always here to help.