How To Caterer for Australia’s Biggest Morning Tea

This year, Thursday 27th May is an important date for Australians. Australia’s Biggest Morning Tea is an event that raises funds to support those impacted by cancer, and on Thursday 27th May, Australians have the chance to get together and show their support.

By gathering together this year you and your work colleagues, friends and family can help make a difference in the lives of cancer patients. To help make a memorable Biggest Morning Tea and get the support of your colleagues we’ve got a few tips to make your biggest morning tea a hit!

Preparing for your morning tea

Preparation is a key part to organising any successful event. Start by putting together the main details such as your budget and attendees. You want to ensure your guests have plenty of notice to maximise your attendance and support. Lastly, reach out to your guests to see if there are any dietary requirements to ensure there’s something for everyone to enjoy at Australia’s Biggest Morning Tea.

This year our custom packages are specifically tailored to get the most enjoyment out of Australia’s Biggest Morning Tea. There are plenty of options to choose from with a large variety of sweet and savoury options.

It’s not Australia’s Biggest Morning Tea without the tea

Supplying Coffee or Tea is a must for a successful Biggest Morning Tea event. While arrange tea and coffee can require sourcing equipment, urns, and coffee cups which can add a lot of work, Pen Catering offers a tea and coffee packages that are delivered and setup so your guests are ready to go! Take a look at our tea and coffee packages here or get in touch with our customer service team to answer any questions.

Muffins, Scones, Fruit & Finger Sandwiches

This year we’ve put together a range of our favourite morning tea items to make ordering for Australia’s Biggest Morning Tea easier than ever before. See our full range of recommended options here! We’ve also got plenty of options to create your own individually packed options as well. Email to see how we can help!

Don’t forget to register!

Don't forget to register to host a Biggest Morning Tea event. A free host kit containing everything you need for your morning tea will be sent to you. You’ll also get an online fundraising page and access to great tips and tools - making it easy to collect donations and spread the word about your big day. Register here: