A Guide To School & University Catering

Too often, we leave meetings, functions and conferences believing we could have spent our time better elsewhere. Getting the most out of your meetings and functions is always maximised by a little effective forward planning and attentive thought for your guests and engaging them through delicious food is always an effective method.

Taking a first-step can always be difficult but planning and considering the dietary and cultural eating requirements of your guests while also considering the event type and style is always important. From cocktail functions, office catering, sandwich catering for your luncheon, or formal dinner meeting the needs of your event type is always important. At PEN Catering we have been catering for schools, supplying school canteens and after school care as well as servicing Sydney’s largest universities for over 20 years with outstanding cocktail events, to sit down buffets and weekly meetings. Kids are very picky eaters, so it is important you select a school caterer that can offer delicious and healthy catering options while also satisfying.

At PEN Catering, we are always evolving to offer news menus that suit the specific needs of your students and staff, always ensuring we get school & university catering done right. PEN Catering’s school & university catering offering brings together a range of healthy catering options that include;

Our delicious range of gourmet sandwiches, triangle sandwiches, finger sandwiches school & university catering events. AT PEN Catering, we believe we have the best catered sandwiches Sydney has to offer. We are always mixing up our flavours to make sure you are always excited with the delicious flavours we bring to your table.  

Eye-catching and mouth-watering canapes. Offering both hot and cold options, our university conference catering always meets the highest expectations. Whatever your event may be, from everything including faculty events to graduation ceremonies, PEN Catering has a wide variety of canape options to satisfy guests and it’s important that the right amount of food is ordered. Not offering enough food can leave your guests unsatisfied while ordering too much may result in wastage which no one wants. For a 30-minute event, PEN Catering suggests 3-4 pieces per person plus an option of seasonal fruit. If the event is extended to 1 hour, we recommend 5-6 pieces per person. Each hour following, we recommend an extra 1-2 canapes. Sushi, frittata, mini quiches, rice paper rolls, peking duck, bao buns & burgers are always key school & university catering favourites.

Depending on the occasion, individually packaged items can be a fabulous choice for your school catering or university catering options. At PEN Catering we have plenty of options from hot food dishes, healthy and delicious salads as well as breakfast, morning tea and canape options, all individually packaged. If you are hosting a morning assembly our Gluten Free AM/PM Tea for One or Breakfast for One are both perfect options to caterer for your morning while also putting forth an option that meets basic dietary requirements. Additionally, if you are looking for more share platter options, you cannot miss our popular range of mini breakfast rolls which includes Bacon & Egg Rolls & Mini Veg Brioche Rolls. You can also pair these items alongside other baked good favourites such as Mini Croissants, Sweet Muffins, Breakfast Loaves and Seasonal Fruit Platters. 

From key events such as catering for school open days, university o-weeks, graduation catering and ceremonies, father’s days, and mother’s days assemblies as well as catering for term commencement, PEN Catering has true experience delivering tailored school & university catering solutions to your campus. For all your school and university catering needs contact our team of catering consultants on email at orders@pencatering.com.au or by phone on 02 9571 7288.