5 things that make a great corporate caterer stand out from the pack

5 things that make a great corporate caterer stand out from the pack

Selecting a great caterer is a daunting task, often you find yourself torn between caterers for different reasons. Planning a successful event is often a highly attentive, stressful process. By choosing an outstanding caterer, you’re choosing a partner to align your goals and help ensure you succeed, remain calm, and feel confident that your event will be a success.

If you’re searching for a new cater, here are five things to look out for and pick out a great caterer from the bunch:

Free Delivery & Hidden Late Order Fees

It’s always a good idea to check in with your shortlisted caterer and see if there are any hidden delivery fees. At PEN Catering we offer free delivery for Sydney CBD, Lower North Shore & Macquarie Park and charge no late order fees unlike other Sydney based caterers. 

High-Quality Produce and Ingredients

Don’t be scared to ask your caterer where they get their ingredients from. There’s no harm in asking whether their products are sourced locally or not. At PEN Catering we ensure our produce is sourced locally and continue to use the freshest ingredients available. 

Delivery Consistency and Satisfaction

Read reviews on your caterer, ask them how confident they are in achieving delivery within the requested time. Logistics is one of the key components to operating a successful catering company and with Sydney’s significant levels during peak hours you want to be sure there’s going to be nothing left to chance when it comes to what time your delivery will be arriving. A caterer should always be honest with customers to manage expectations in regards to deliveries. At PEN Catering we’re always highly consistent and confident your order will arrive on-time!


A caterer’s menu must meet your needs! If you have a themed setting your not going to select a caterer that does something completely different. Menu choice is a major component of choosing a great caterer as you need to enjoy longevity with your caterer and ensure your office staff don’t get bored with the same food over and over again. At PEN Catering, there are plenty of catering options we can deliver to your Sydney office, contact our orders team to receive your PDF menu with our full range of items. 

Fantastic Customer Service!

For any caterer, it’s important to get it right! Every detail from delivery instructions, food selection, menu creation, accounts we thoroughly check. Communication is an important aspect in the success of a healthy relationship between a caterer and client. At PEN Catering, we treat each and every client with the utmost care. We ensure we are always attentive to the little details, ensuring we get your order, food selection and delivery correct. We want to ensure you strike a positive impression with your team and we’re always here to help!