5 successful catering menu ideas for last-minute, same day orders

Let’s go to the worst possible scenario for catering orders. Your boss has come to you and requested catering for a meeting taking place in 3 hours. You’re overwhelmed as it is and suddenly a mountain of stress hits you. You already know 99% of caterers won’t accept your order because it’s so last-minute so you’re left scrambling, ringing each caterer to see what catering they can produce and if they can have it delivered on it. After you’ve even selected one, then comes the hefty late-notice order fees and delivery fees. That aside, Pen Catering is here to help to share with you some simple menu ideas to streamline your late-notice corporate catering.

Now 3 hours is a very limited timeframe. Most other articles would be writing this post on a 12-hour window. Before you call Pen Catering there’s a few key notes to have on your ordering checklist:

  • Number of attendees (this may change as it is a last-minute meeting however a rough figure will suffice)
  • If you have time figure out if there are any special diets. If you find timing running out call Pen Catering and we can provide a few quick options to cover any dietaries.
  • If your boss has requested any specific food. There’s no harm in asking for catering if you’re boss has requested specific catering if possible.

Step 1:

CALL, CALL, CALL. As soon as you have notice that catering is required and have completed a basic checklist, call us. We’re more than happy to offer a few menu suggestions and showcase these through our items on pencatering.com.au. You’ll find by getting in touch with us sooner than later, we’ll have more time to help and you’ll find once the order is through there’s all that extra time, you’re stress free. Our catering managers are always here to help. It’s always a good no idea to send an email following your call to revise over your requirements and your order from discussion. Clear communication when it comes to ordering is essential.

Now if you’re after last-minute catering you’ve selected the right caterer, Pen Catering. We will always try and fit in late orders without any late-notice charges. If we can do something it’s catering and we always promise to handle your late orders if possible no matter how tight or tough.

To kick things off we’ve shortlisted a few fantastic ideas for last-minute orders that will keep your guests satisfied.

Gourmet Sandwiches, Wraps & Triangle Sandwiches

Sometimes, it’s better to play it safe. Sticking to what you know is a safe option at the last minute to guarantee you’ll be receiving high-quality catering. Pen Catering’s gourmet sandwiches and wraps are a fantastic way to provide substantial catering that will sufficiently feed your team. Sandwiches are also simple enough to adjust for dietaries and at Pen Catering we also mix up our flavours to ensure they’re tastier than ever before. For last minute lunch orders, don’t go past our gourmet sandwiches & wraps. If you’re looking to mix your order up with some other catering options such as finger food, triangle sandwiches may be a great option for you.

Hot Finger Food

Hot finger food is quick, simple and effective. More so looking at this range can provide a wide variety for your team to enjoy. Whether you’re looking at our delicious arancini, spring rolls, samosas or spinach & feta parcels it’ll be certain that your guests and their tummies will be happier than ever.


Looking for a healthier alternative, check out our range of salads that will be sure to impress the more health conscious eaters. We’ve got a wide range on offer to meet all dietary types. Alongside this we offer three packaging types for salads, group bowls, small pails & large pails so we can meet your budgets and quantity as well as allowing you to mix salads with other catering.

Gourmet Platters

Our range of gourmet platters are perfect for all times of the day because they’re so easy to find what will work well with your catering order. Look no further than our antipasto, cheese & dried fruits as well as our lite dips to accommodate your lunch or afternoon team meetings. Have a breakfast meeting? No problem, add in our freshly made seasonal fruit platter.

Sweets & Slices

When it comes to afternoon meetings, we all need a pick-me-up. Ordering a few sweet treats served with an offering of coffee or tea will always do the trick. Our choc fudge brownies are our favourite! Friands, Mini sweet tarts, & round cakes are amongst our most popular options that will always satisfy.