5 Reasons to offer staff lunches during COVID

With so much uncertainty in the air it’s hard to know if offering your clients and staff a catered lunch is the right thing to do.

At PEN Catering we’ve been working with The Restaurant and Catering Association to put in place COVID Safe best practices so that if you do decide you’d like to offer catering again, we have you covered (no pun intended).

What are the benefits of ordering professional catering during COVID?

1. It boosts staff and client moral

Australia is a very social country. We’re used to back yard bbq’s and sitting around a meeting table celebrating….we’ll lets be honest, anything we can find an excuse to celebrate.

With the onset of COVID all of our normal interactions have come to a halt.

Offering staff / clients an alternative to a social gathering will allow them to feel included and part of the team again

2. It alleviates the need to leave the office

With COVID out in full force, being in an office and catching public transport can send a lot of people into a bit of a frenzy. The constant need to be out in the world and around ‘strangers’ has become a fear for some. Ordering catering that is safely delivered to the office removes the need to leave the office AND eliminates unnecessary contact with the public, potentially bring disease back into your safe office.

This has the added bonus of higher productive at work as well while staff are eating a nutritious and healthy meal.

3. Everything has been handled in a COVID safe environment

Our General Manager has attended a COVID safe food preparation course and brought those learnings back to our high functioning and very clean kitchen.

Ordering from PEN ensures a safe meal to your staff and clients.

4. Individually packaged items

Regardless of if you’re hosting a client meeting or staff lunch, socially distancing is still required. Gone are the days of communal eating (well, there are still some brave souls out there doing it, power to the people) and in is the need to set 1.5 meters from the next person.

With anything from a morning tea scone and quiche, to gourmet sandwich or hot meal, at PEN Catering we can package everyone’s order individually with their own cutlery and serviette.

5. All dietary requirements covered

With all meals individually packed, anyone with a dietary requirement no longer feels excluded. We cover all needs from nut free/dairy free/vegan/vegetarian/pescatarian/halal/gluten free/I’m not eating carbs this week and I’ll eat anything!


If you want to make things a little ‘normal’ at your office, check us out on line or give us a call and see how we can cater your next meeting or work social.

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