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(GF) A balanced mix of naughty and nice with a friand, fruit and brownie bite...
Mini Muffins Breakfast Pen Catering
Mini Muffins
From $2.80
(VEG) An assortment of freshly baked mini muffins. Sweet flavours - apple cin...
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Breakfast for One Pen Catering
Breakfast for One
(VEG) A homemade mini spinach and feta quiche, fresh fruit, and a sweet crois...
Vegan Breakfast for One Pen Catering
Vegan Breakfast for One
Yum! Fresh Fruit and Delicious Chia Seed Pudding made of coconut cream, chia ...
Healthy Breakfast for One Pen Catering
Healthy Breakfast for One
(VEG) Healthy & Tasty, our homemade muesli works perfectly with this comb...
Funky Fudge Collection Pen Catering
Funky Fudge Collection
(VEG) 6 x Assorted Cheesecakes, 6 x GF Funky Fudge Brownie Bites, Milk Chocol...
Sweet Treats Collection Pen Catering
Sweet Treats Collection
(VEG) A beautiful selection of Mini Cakes, Assorted Homemade Slices & oth...
Mini Breakfast Cups Pen Catering
Mini Breakfast Cups
From $4.80
(VEG) Options include Chia & Bircher Breakfast Cups made with Raisins, Oa...
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Fruit Platter Pen Catering
Fruit Platter
(VF/NF/DF/GF) A premium selection of seasonal fruit, freshly cut and ready to...
Classic Homemade Scones Pen Catering
Classic Homemade Scones
(VEG) Classic Homemade Scones served with Fresh Cream and Strawberry Jam
Mini Breakfast Rolls Pen Catering
Mini Breakfast Rolls
From $4.90
Options include Mini Bacon & Egg Rolls served with Egg, Bacon & Smoky...
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Fruit Skewers Pen Catering
Fruit Skewers
From $3.25
(VG/NF/GF/DF) A variety of fresh fruit on an easy to eat skewer.
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Wellness Collection Pen Catering
Wellness Collection
Eating well can be enjoyable with 8 x Caramelised Onion, Goats Cheese & P...
Breakfast Basket Pen Catering
Breakfast Basket
(VEG) A perfect mix of sweet and savoury to start the day. 8 x Sweet Mini Muf...
Petite Breakfast Collection Pen Catering
Petite Breakfast Collection
(VEG) A gorgeous mix of 8 x Mini Sweet Muffins, 8 x Scones served with Jam &a...
Signature Sweet Croissants Pen Catering
Signature Sweet Croissants
From $3.95
New range of sweet croissants including Philly Cheese & Raspberry Croissa...
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Sweet & Savoury Basket Pen Catering
Sweet & Savoury Basket
(VEG) A Classic combination of 8 x Mini Vegetarian Quiche, 8 x Savoury Mini M...
Splendour Collection Pen Catering
Splendour Collection
(VEG) This collection not only looks amazing but tastes fantastic! Includes 8...
Traditional Pastries Pen Catering
Traditional Pastries
From $3
(VEG) Feel like you're in France with fresh baked Croissants and Danish
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Dietary Sweets Pen Catering
Dietary Sweets
From $3.95
A range of flavoursome dietary sweets to meet the needs of your guests. Glute...
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Cheesecake Slices Pen Catering
Cheesecake Slices
From $3.95
(VEG) Our homemade mini cheesecakes come in four flavours. Traditional, choc ...
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Friands Pen Catering
From $3.95
(GF/VEG) Flavours include Blueberry, Raspberry, Pistachio, and Chia Seed
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Mini Sweet Tarts Pen Catering
Mini Sweet Tarts
From $3.95
(VEG) Assorted flavours include Lemon Meringue, Mixed Fruit, Apple Crumble, C...
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Mini Homemade Cakes Pen Catering
Mini Homemade Cakes
From $4.40
(GF) A selection of homemade mini lemon & almond cakes and mini choc mud ...
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Assorted Slices Pen Catering
Assorted Slices
From $3.95
(VEG) A selection of our favourite homemade slices. Classic slices, reinvente...
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Warm Breakfast Collection Pen Catering
Warm Breakfast Collection
This Warm Mix of Breakfast Goodies includes 5 x Traditional Mini Bacon & ...
Sweet & Savoury Bread Loaves Pen Catering
Sweet & Savoury Bread Loaves
From $4.50
(VEG) For a bigger serve than a mini muffin, look to our tasty range of bread...
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Friand & Tart Collection Pen Catering
Friand & Tart Collection
A mix of our Gluten Free Friands & Tasty Sweet Tarts - 24 Pieces

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